Like most organisation, the Association holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Constitution requires that this be held no later than 30th June.

Business transacted at the AGM includes:

  • Election of Officers
  • Review of the Association's Accounts
  • Consideration of Alterations and Additions to the Rules
  • Approval of recommendations for Honorary Life Membership
  • Debate of any motions submitted not less than twenty one days before the meeting

All paid-up Members, except Young Members, are entitled to vote at the AGM.

The AGM is a great opportunity to meet Members from other Branches.

The Association held its Annual General Meeting for 2022 at the Upchurch River Valley Golf Club on Saturday 18 June 2022.

The attendance was relatively low; however, this was felt to be primarily due to ongoing concerns about the pandemic.

The meeting was Chaired by Tricia Shephard, Vice President. Highlights included:

  • A brief silence was held to remember those Members of the Association who had passed away recently, including the County Treasurer, John Kingsmell; long-time member of the Management Committee, Brian Culver; and former Chairman of the Maidstone Branch, Ray Pilbeam.
  • The Membership Cup was presented to Medway Branch, which had enrolled 10 new Members during the past year.
  • The Annual Report from the Chairman, Sally Waters, was received.
  • The Financial Reports for 2021 were approved.
  • Proposed changes to the structure and operation of the Association were approved in principle.
  • Bernard Thompson was elected as Chairman.

A video recording of the meeting is available HERE.

Attendance Membership Tricia
The attendance Membership Trophy presented to Peter Wyatt, Chairman of the Medway Branch Chair of the Meeting: Tricia Shephard VP
Sally Handover Bernard
Chairman Sally Waters presents her Annual Report The Chairman's Badge of Office is handed over Newly-elected Chairman Bernard Thompson addresses the meeting

With the removal of government restrictions imposed in response to concerns about the coronavirus, it is to be hoped that there can be a resumption of Association and Branch activities. However, it is recognised that it is necessary for people to remain cautious and, consequently, it may be prudent to limit or cancel any scheduled event, possibly on short notice. All plans should, therefore, be considered as tentative and Members should check before travelling to any activity or event.