Most activities for Members of the Association are organised by Branches. Often these activities are open to Members from other Branches.

However, some activities are organised on a county-wide basis, and all Members are welcome to attend. In most cases, the responsibility for arranging such activities is delegated to a Branch, usually the one which is closest to the location where the activity is held.

Annual County Activities include (click for more information):

  Spring Lunch  
  Annual General Meeting  
  Blessing the Waters  
  Garth Service  
  Bat & Trap Competition  
  Annual Church Service  
  Trafalgar Day Service  


Click HERE for a list of scheduled events.

Some recent County events (click to view pictures):

   Annual Church Service 2019  
   Bat and Trap Competition 2019  
   Garden Party 2019  


Among the activities that have been organised by Branches on behalf of the Association have been the following (click to view pictures):

  Trip on the Waverley in 2016  
  Visit to Penshurst in 2013  
  Tour of Shepherd Neame Brewery in 2012  

With the removal of government restrictions imposed in response to concerns about the coronavirus, it is to be hoped that there can be a resumption of Association and Branch activities. However, it is recognised that it is necessary for people to remain cautious and, consequently, it may be prudent to limit or cancel any scheduled event, possibly on short notice. All plans should, therefore, be considered as tentative and Members should check before travelling to any activity or event.