Organised by the Medway Branch on behalf of the County, the Association holds a commemorative Church Service anually, usually in September, at:


St Peter & St Paul Church,
110 Swanscombe St,
DA10 0JZ

  Swanscombe Church Church 120 years

All Members of the Association are welcome to participate. There is no charge for attending the service.

An optional, but highly recommended, cream tea is served in the local parish hall by the W.I. following the service. For this there is a charge. Those wishing to come to the tea need to register in advance through their local Branch.

The Service took place on Sunday 29th September 2019 at the Church of St Peter & St Paul in Swanscombe. Our County Chaplain, Reverend Mark Hurley, took the service which was supported by 35 Members in the congregation. Unfortunately, there were a further six of our Members who were unable to attend after suffering health problems.

The Association’s Secretary and Deputy Chairman, Mrs Sally Waters, provided a very clear overview of the Association’s past year’s achievements and highlighted the County events: Spring Lunch, AGM, Afternoon Tea Party, Blessing of the Waters, the Garth Service and, of course, this Church Service. Sally also called for more focus to be put on the Association website, and thanked our Webmaster, Tim Meadley, for all his hard work on this important asset which he has developed. Sally appealed for all Members to actively use this important point of information on the County’s, as well as Branches’, activities and notices.

Tim Meadley then presented the Holm Oak Bough to the Reverend Mark Hurley for the Service.

The Medway President, Mrs Sheila Underdown gave the First Reading which was a very insightful poem entitled “Apple Blossom” by Louise MacNeice, and Group Captain Trevor Dole, President of Whitstable Branch, delivered the Second Reading, Romans 8, and Reverend Mark Hurley delivered the Address after the Choir Anthem.

After the Service the Congregation gathered around the Memorial in the churchyard for Reflections whilst Sally placed the Holm Oak Bough at the foot of the Memorial. Everybody then made their way to the St Peter & St Paul Church Centre for afternoon tea which was excellent!

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Click HERE for pictures from the 2018 Service.

With the removal of government restrictions imposed in response to concerns about the coronavirus, it is to be hoped that there can be a resumption of Association and Branch activities. However, it is recognised that it is necessary for people to remain cautious and, consequently, it may be prudent to limit or cancel any scheduled event, possibly on short notice. All plans should, therefore, be considered as tentative and Members should check before travelling to any activity or event.