Branch Chairman Carol Stickler welcomed all to the Branch’s 2019 AGM, once again held at St Andrews Church in Deal.

As a Branch we have enjoyed our functions this year, with Judy organising the ticket sales and ensuring all goes well on the night, and Bob, with the help of John, continues to organise our well supported raffles. Once again, many thanks to the members who not only buy tickets, but help to provide the prizes, well done!

Forthcoming events were outlined, which included our St Georges Day Dinner, this year held at a new venue, The Waterfront, The Saracens Head for lunch in May and in the summer we will be back on the Pier for our annual Fish & Chip Supper, so there is much to look forward too. The County Spring Lunch and AGM details were given along with a new event, a Garden Party at Hadlow Manor, Goose Green.

Thanks were given to the Deal & Walmer Committee for their hard work of another year, to Alan Clark for all he does as Secretary of the Branch, and to Judy Hardy for her meticulous organisation skills that see all our events run smoothly, with us all enjoying the menu choices we ordered.

Thanks were given to Bob Parkin who deals with events held at St Andrews Church, namely Trafalgar Day and our AGM, everything “just happens” Bob goes off with his dates, makes the bookings, organises what we need and he does a great job, long may it continue.

John Hardy carried out his diligent Standard Bearer‘s duties again for this year. We have seen our Branch represented on parade at numerous occasions, many thanks went to John and also to Judy who always gets John to the Muster Point on time, thanks were given to both.

The members of Deal & Walmer support the Branch well, along with our visiting friends and this is what makes Deal & Walmer, albeit a small Branch, a friendly Branch. Other Branches enjoy visiting us, and several are looking forward to joining us in the summer for Fish and Chips on the long awaited new restaurant at the end of the Pier.

new presidentCarol took great pleasure in making a presentation to Geoff Cox. He had been a member of the Committee for many years, initially holding the Office of Secretary and becoming our Treasurer in 2006 a position he has held for 13 years.

One thing Geoff will be remembered for is that whenever he gave his Treasurers Report, he never forgets the pennies ... the amount is always £253 and 27 PENNIES.  He has always said it this way and it always makes us smile.

But now is the time for Geoff to put his Men of Kent calculator away and take on his new role as our Honorary Branch President.

Thank you Geoff for all that you have done for the Deal & Walmer Branch over the years, it is much appreciated and it gave us great pleasure to make Geoff our Branch President.

With the removal of government restrictions imposed in response to concerns about the coronavirus, it is to be hoped that there can be a resumption of Association and Branch activities. However, it is recognised that it is necessary for people to remain cautious and, consequently, it may be prudent to limit or cancel any scheduled event, possibly on short notice. All plans should, therefore, be considered as tentative and Members should check before travelling to any activity or event.