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Join us and help make Kent a better place. And have fun - we do!

The Association welcomes new Members.

Click HERE to download the Membership Application Form (pdf).

The qualifications for membership are very broad.

In order to become a Member a person need only:

  • be connected to the County by birth, marriage to a member, or direct descent
  • have taken up residence in the County, or
  • have given service* to the County, or the Association.

A firm, business or company may become a Corporate Member if it:

  • has its principal place of business in the County
  • has given service* to the County, or the Association.

* Provided such service is deemed worthy by the Management Committee

Those joining the Association before their eighteenth birthday are Young Members.

NB: The County of Kent is defined as at the formation of the Association on 16 December 1897.

Applications for personal membership can be made through a Branch or submitted to the Secretary of the Association, who will forward it to the appropriate Branch.

Applications for Corporate Membership need to be submitted to the Secretary of the Association.

Annual Subscription* Individual £20
  Joint £30
  Young Members £2
Life Members Individual £200
  Joint £300

Subscriptions are based on a calendar year and are due on January 1st. Those joining after June 30th pay only half the Annual Subscription in their first year.

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In response to concerns about the coronavirus, the Management Committee has taken the decision to suspend all Association activities. It is not clear how long this suspension will need to continue. The Committee intends to follow government recommendations in this regard, and plans to resume operations as soon as it is considered prudent to do so. In the meantime, it hopes that all Members of the Association are able to keep safe and well.

Please check the website regularly for any updates on the situation.


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